This page is dedicated to my personal favorite pieces.

Macrame Wedding Backdrop, Free Spirit Designs, Vintage Couch, Pothos

Meet Avalon

This is my first creation and what started me on my macramé journey. I named it Avalon. "Strong and Unique" 

This is my personal piece I have hung over my bed. I will always hold this one dear and will not be sold! I do however use this piece in Styled Shoots. Which photographs amazing. See my Styled shoots section. 

This is my passion, I make this a priority in my life and I take it very seriously. I enjoy making different designs as there are so many ways to create a piece with the same knots. I am inspired by so many other macramé artists that push the limits and color outside the lines. I hope you enjoy my work. I do love doing custom pieces for Clients.

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Macrame Wall Hangin
Macrame, Wedding Backdrop, Styled Shoot
Macrame Wall Hanging, driftwood, colored cotto, snakeplant
Macrame Wall Hanging
Macrame Angel Wings
Macrame Dream Catchers
Mustard Macrame Dreamer, Cotton

I loved creating with mustard cotton!  So pretty!


Black is my favorite color! 

Black Macrame Angel Wings, birch branch, Cotton
Macrame cake decor, feathers, succulants, roses cake
Macrame flower, driftwood, Macrame, cotton
Macrame wall hanging, silf flower, macrame flower, driftwood
Beauty, driftwood, macrame, sik flowers, eucalyptus, feather

When I made this one it had a different shape. After sitting for months with no love I gave it a different shape. It sold so fast! The lady who bought it ...used it in a shoot that apeared on Rocky Mountain Bride's website. I was over the moon estatic.. something my two hands created was veiwed by so many. I Love what I do. Each piece i create has it's own story. That is the story with this one.